Why are Light Novels the Life Blood of Anime? And I'm Okay With That!!!!

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Re:Zero, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and umm pretty much every Isekai has this in common: They were light novels first! Now, you might be saying "but WHAT are light novels?" Today I'm diving into the world of light novels and publishing to explain the road that got us here.

#anime #isekai #lightnovels

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This video is part of an every other week video series where Tim dives deep into the world of anime. Got a topic you want Tim to explore? Leave in the comments!

Writer/Research: Vreni Stollberger
Host and Script: Tim Lyu (@tlyudacris)
Editor: Phoenix Williams
Character Design/Key animation(ani-Tim): Alex Krokus - https://www.alexkrokus.com/
Rigging/in-betweens (ani-Tim): Greg Berry - gregbarryart.com
Produced by Jesse Gouldsbury, Braith Miller
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