Twenty Five - A Thriller Short Film | Couple-Relationship | Marriage | Mystery

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On her twenty-fifth birthday, Bani’s mother gifts her an old typewriter that was used by her maternal grandmother. Soon, Bani realizes that this typewriter is no ordinary one and that it can bring to life anything that is typed on it once every twenty-five years. Things go awry as Bani finds out that she is merely a spoke in the wheel of an absurd matriarchal tradition running in her family.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Sagher Manchanda
producer: Sagher Manchanda
Music: David Mackenzie
Sound design: Deepak Gupta
Sound design: Alex Pettman
Make-Up Artist: Bhavna Gidwani
Sound: Nimesh Udeshi
Editor: Nitesh Goel
Editor: Shivi Shrivastava

Bani: Samridhi Chandola
Beena: Pooja Dhar
Old Woman: Prerna Gandhi
Ajju: Deepak Singh
Arjun: Avinash Pandita

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